Install a driveway alarm

Be alerted when someone enters your property. SolarGuard® is an early warning system that alerts you when a car or person has entered your property.

SolarGuard® driveway alarm employs dual beam technology which reduce the incidence of false alarms without reducing the over-all security, unlike unreliable PIR technology.
How does this driveway alarm work...

Totally wireless! When the SolarGuard® dual beams are broken a signal is sent back to the base driveway receiver - at your home or office.

RF signal strength that goes the distance!
There are no cables to run. The solar power keeps the internal batteries charged all year round. If you have a long driveway or perimeter application, no worries! You get up to 600m signal range (open air) back to your home or business. You can also extend this range with our solar-powered wireless repeater

Best point to point beam span!   We have 20, 50, 100 and 200 meter sets available. You may choose to utilize a 20 metre beam span across a driveway or 100 metre beam span for fence-line perimeter protection.

Dual beam technology!   Both beams have to be broken before a signal is sent to the receiver, un-like PIR (passive infrared) or single beam technology; this eliminates those un-wanted false alarms.

Easy installation!   Set up in minutes (not hours). The beams are very easy to install, just follow the simple setup instructions and you’re done. You may choose to set the beams up as a permanent or temporary application, they are easily moved and re-located, the choice is yours.

Where do I use SolarGuard...
Mostly used in outdoor applications - see below:

- protection for those barns & shed, locally or remotely (GSM)
Commercial - install outside, total weather resistant
Industrial - protect all restricted areas
Residential - ultimate driveway & perimeter protection
Lifestyle Blocks - Guard up to six fence and/or gates per receiver
Holiday Homes - be alerted when somebody enters your property
Business - Security for external storage area's

One 20 metre SolarGuard® set used - approx 20 minute installation.
Simple driveway installation...
Simple perimeter installation...
Two 50 metre and two 100 metre SolarGuard® sets were used in this perimetre application - approx 80 minute install
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SolarGuard® Driveway Alarm is totally wireless & fully solar-powered outdoor perimeter alarm, designed to provide wireless perimeter & driveway protection in any application.
SolarGuard® driveway alarm is the best outdoor early warning system in the market place, 100% solar-powered completely wireless security. The system is recommended for home security, farm security, commercial security, lifestyle block security & most perimeter security applications.