SolarGuardŽ FAQ
Q - How long does it take to install a SolarGuardŽ set and receiver?
A - It can take around 20 minutes to 1 hour, very simple setup see manual

Q - How many SolarGuardŽ sets can I add to one driveway receiver?
A - Upto six sets may be added to one driveway receiver (six zones/area's).

Q - Can I have two receivers to one SolarGuardŽ set?  E.g. I need to be alerted in the my office which is about one hundred metres from my home and I would still like to have a receiver in my home as well for notification.
A - Yes, no problem, you may add additional receivers to a single SolarGuardŽ set.

Q - Whats makes SolarGuardŽ different from any other Driveway & perimetre alerting system on the Market?
A - SolarGuardŽ is the only wireless dual point-to-point beam on the market that has a beam spam over 100 metre, most driveway alarms have a maximum of 20 - 30 metres distance of protection, our longest SolarGuardŽ set is 200 metres, point-to-point.

Q - I had a driveway alarm before and it kept on false alarming, it was a PIR based system, what is the difference between yours and the PIR system.
A - PIR (Passive Infrared) style driveway alarms are prone to false alarming. PIR tecnology is mostly used for burglar alarm detectors (inside use). The difference between SolarGuardŽ is, there are two beams both looking at each other, the SolarGuardŽ only send a signal when the dual beams are broken i.e. a person or vehicle has to break both beams before the base receiver gives off an alarm to notify the end user, this stops birds & pets false alarming the system.

Q - I like what I see, how do I purchase SolarGuardŽ?
A - You can purchase by credit card or bank deposit.

Q - Do I need a PayPal account to pay for my SolarGuardŽ products?
A - No, you can just use your credit card. PayPal is one of the worlds most secure online payment gateways

Q - Do I get a discount for purchasing more than one SolarGuardŽ set?
A - Yes, please email us if you are considering purchasing more than one set at a time
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SolarGuardŽ driveway alarm is the best outdoor early warning system in the market place, 100% solar-powered completely wireless security. The system is recommended for home security, farm security, commercial security, lifestyle block security & most perimeter security applications.