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Protection range:
20 - 200m (64-656ft) point-to-point beam span. The RF transmission is up to 1km (3280ft) in open air back to the Driveway Receiver base unit.

SolarGuardŽ does not require cabling, no need to change batteries, no maintenance, easy to install & relocate, ideal for all residential and commercial applications & also suitable for temporary or long-term application such as military zone and other restrict areas.
Power Input::: solar energy.
Driveway Receiver - 6 Zone
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Additional Solar Cells
SolarGuardŽ is  Solar-Powered Point to Point Dual Beam which is completely wireless. Both dual beams must be broken before it sends a signal back to the base receiver, this virtually eliminates false alarms. It has a modern in-built battery and solar power re-charging technology that out-smarts the competition.

The dual point-to-point beam is built for the harshest environments, fully weatherproof and tested in the harshest climate conditions.
SolarGuardŽ Driveway Receiver compliments up to 6 sets of SolarGuardŽ beam sets. The receiver has a in-built 90dB buzzer for early warning.

Six lights on the face of the receiver allow the owner to view which set of SolarGuardŽ beam's have been activated. This determines what area of the property has a visitor/intruder.
When SolarGuardŽ is activated a radio signal is sent back to this Driveway Receiver which alerts the owner either a visitor or intruder has been detected.
SolarGuardŽ Auto Dial Receiver picks up signal's from a set of SolarGuardŽ beams. When a beam is broken & the  Auto Dialer Receiver is armed, the receiver will send a recorded message to the end users mobile or fixed landline phone.

Up to six phone numbers can be programmed into the receiver. When the beams are broken a radio path is sent back to this receiver

SolarGuardŽ Wireless Repeater is another fully solar-powered unit. Add this Wireless Repeater to your shopping cart if installing the SolarGuardŽ Driveway Alarm more than 1 Kilometer from the Driveway Receiver. This device repeats a signal from a set of beams up to 1KM back to the base driveway receiver

This unit can be wall mounted, pole or  attached to a gate or tree. This unit is built for the outdoors and totally weather-proof.
The receivers features a 10 second voice message upon alarm, password access can be controlled via remote phone for arm/disarm, also a rechargeable backup battery with 35-hour usage time.
SolarGuardŽ External Solar Cells are required if there is no direct sunlight on the SolarGuardŽ in-built cells.

Solar cells are built in to each set of SolarGuardŽ beams however in some cases there may be poor direct sunlight or shaded area's throughout the day and this is were the external cells come into play.
Auto Dial Receiver - 24/7 remote monitoring
Extends the RF (Radio Frequency) signal from a set of SolarGuardŽ up to 2km - (6561ft) - open air back to the base driveway receiver.
There is a dual socket located inside each SolarGuardŽ set; here you can plug the additional Solar Cell in place.
Configuration options:

Add up to six SolarGuardŽ sets to one 6 zone driveway receiver. If additional beams are required over and above 6 sets, simply add another driveway receiver.

SolarGuardŽ Autodial Receiver can be used to automatically dial up to 6 preset phone numbers when someone is detected on your property. The Auto Dial Receiver uses the existing landline to make the call.

Add a siren or flashing light for an immediate signal that a beam has been broken. This is great for Engineering shops where there is pleny of backround noise.
Other great features:

SolarGuardŽ can be wall, post or pole mounted with the mounting brackets supplied with each unit.

SolarGuardŽ allows you to easily identify which of the 6 zones has been triggered.
SolarGuardŽ Driveway Alarm
SolarGuard Mobile Paging System
Includes vibrating and digital receiver which may be worn on your belt or in pocket to alert you when SolarGuard has detected a visitor or when the manual button has been pushed.

Will work up to 1000m* distance depending on terrain and antenna height. Built-in vibrating mode for silent paging. Rechargeable battery and charger are included.

SolarGuard's Pager enables the owner to be mobile (away from house/business) but also be aware of the monitored area(s). The pager has date & time stamp recognition which lets you know what pair of SolarGuard beams have been broken . The pager is very compact in size (2.5"x 1.25"x .75") with a large, clear and easy to read LCD screen. See clearly which area's of your property have been triggered.

SolarGuards paging alert system will be the perfect accessory for Small Business, Farms, Restaurants, Green Houses, Market Gardens & Home Owners trying to monitor customer, visitors, courier traffic or intruders remotley.
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SolarGuardŽ driveway alarm is the best outdoor early warning system in the market place, 100% solar-powered completely wireless security. The system is recommended for home security, farm security, commercial security, lifestyle block security & most perimeter security applications.