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Thank you for calling me back this morning. Your simple instructions and information were very helpful to me.
I just ordered another 50 metre. Good support does generate more sales!
Anthony Gibbs

Thank you! My order was dropped off today. Brilliant service!
Btw, SolarGuard is awesome!! Our driveway is approx 80 metres long, around a corner, over a hill and through the trees. Our receiver's buzzer rings every time someone enters our property. It's great.
Best regards,

Here is just a short message to say thank-you so much for your help in our purchase of the driveway alert system. The whole purchase, payment and shipping went very smoothly, and the system lives up to my expectations. In short, very, very happy!! Once gain, thanks so much for your speedy assistance. it is really great to see some businesses (such as yours) are run in a friendly & efficient manner. It does make the buying process a real joy instead of getting a feeling that you’re a pain in the B#tt!
All the best,
Ryan Marriot

We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the Solarguard driveway alert system. We purchased well over a year now and we are impressed with its reliability, it's been working extremely well, no matter what the weather brings us; from hot summer days to extreme cold in winter. (On a rare occasion when its blowing a gale, it has set off a false alarm..but totally understandable) Now, we do not have windows on the far driveway side of the house, Solarguard is brilliant for alerting us to visitors. Our guests are normally surprised to see us waiting for them at the front door. :-)
New Zealand

You are most welcome to use my testimonial. Again, let me say…Your driveway buzzer has worked without a hiccup from the moment I set it up. I am really happy with my purchase. *smile*
Thank You very much.
Brian Collins

Cheers for this unique device. It really is a great product - just like my friends had described.
Have a great weekend.

I have finished installing my driveway monitor and its working wonderfully. I couldn't be more satisfied. My brother will be ordering one very soon, maybe today, and I will purchase another for our holiday home this summer. There is no doubt in my mind that your sensor is superior to all others. I have had experiences with two different makers, all failed.
Bill Moore.

"The system has been installed since September 2007. It is working great. It is such a relief not to have any false alarms. My wife and I can rely with confidence on the system. Thank you so much for your help. "
Thank you.
Tina & Andrew Johnson
P.S. ...even our pets depend on it. When it goes off they run to the window and look down the driveway in anticipation of visitors.

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