SolarGuard Provides Wireless Perimeter & Driveway Alarm Protection.

SolarGuard is an early warning system that warns you when a person or vehicle has entered your property. Be alert when someone enters your premises.

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How Does SolarGuard Work?

SolarGuard is a wireless driveway & perimeter alarm system, which can be installed in just about any environment. Totally wireless, fully solar-powered and built to protect & secure. A product designed for the elements. It's reliable, it works - it's that simple!

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Residential Driveway Alarm System!

Installation only takes minutes. The product is fully wireless, there are no cables to install, making it a seamless install. Quite simply, its plug & play!

Full Perimeter Alarm System!

SolarGuard can be installed on a residential driveway or in more advanced applications, covering fence-lines & full perimeter sections. Perimeter applications can be a little more time consuming, however SolarGuard is super simple to install. Line it up and your done!

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No Cables


Totally Wireless.

Radio frequency delivers a signal back to base receiver to alert a breach has been detected on the property.


Powered by Solar Panels.

In-built solar panels keep the battery charged all year round. The system works for 3 months without direct sunlight.

100% solar powered 

20-100m (65-330ft)


A Superior Beam Span.

We are confident there is no other beam on the market that will guard in distance. Span across a driveway or fence-line applications.


Easy To Install.

A basic installation can take very little time to install. Learn the beams into the receiver, head down to the gate and install them, you're all done!

30 minute installation

-25~55 Degree celcuis


Operating Temperature.

From the extreme climates and harshest conditions, a fully enclosed housing keeps the beams working all year round and rated IP55. From the coldest winters in New Zealand to the harshest summers in USA. Solarguard has you covered!


No False Alarms.

It's dual beam technology that sets solarguard apart. Other technologies such as passive-infrared (PIR) do not have as much stability in outdoor conditions. A dual point-to-point beam span eliminates this, addressing interference such as leaves, birds, wind, dust and wild environments. Both beams need to be activated to cause alarm. You can be confident solarguard won't let you down - it has you covered!

dual beam technology



Radio Signal
Strength & Distance.

When solarguard beams are activated, an RF (radio frequency) signal is transmitted through the air back to the base receiver (buzzer) to alert a breach has been detected on the property. It's all about distance that set's solarguard ahead of the rest, with a line-of-sight upto 1000 metres (3300ft). Solarguard is the winner on range!


No Moving Parts.

It's a great thing! No one likes intermittent devices. Having to change batteries or replace cables is not ideal. Solarguard will work tirelessly without any attention!

Low maintenance



Mobile Communications.

Security, it's not a one glove its all. Solarguard GSM receiver can send alerts via sms text message direct to your mobile phone. Home or away, solarguard has you covered!


SolarGuard Since 2004.

14 Years strong. We stand behind our product. It's not just a warranty, its a partnership with our customers for the long haul.

3 Year Warranty 

Residential Application.

SolarGuard can be installed in any residential application. A simple residential driveway front gate system to a complete perimeter application.

Commercial Application​

SolarGuard can be installed in outdoor commercial applications. From roof top to fenceline, there are limitless install options! The system only requires active sunlight to charge batteries through the in-built solar panel which are located on top of the unit. It's that easy!​

Rural Application

SolarGuard has endless options for rural and farming applications. The system can be installed upto 1000 meters (3300ft) from the base receiver. Its plug & play!

Lifestyle Application

SolarGuard is a great solution to protect property, while at home or away - the solarguard system can send sms text message to notify the owner, in the event there has been a breach on the property. It's that simple!

Customers reviews

"Your simple instructions and information were very helpful to me. Good after sales service".

Anthony Gibbs
"I was amazed at the beam span on this device. Most driveway alarms max out at 20m distance."

Tina & Andrew Johnston
"Your driveway buzzer has worked without a hiccup from the moment I set it up. I am really happy with my purchase. Thank You very much".
Bill Moore
New Zealand

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